R&B singer Jaheim was on the verge of a major breakthrough with the release of the new album by rapper AZ, titled Doe Or Die. He’s on the lead single. However, the New Jersey-based singer has been arrested and charged with a myriad of infractions rooted in animal cruelty.

According to authorities, the singer lived with 15 dogs in horrific conditions in his New Jersey home and some of them were even dead. They were found in crates, with feces and water prosecutor said on Thursday.

They went into his Somerset, New Jersey home on Monday to investigate one puppy and found out that there were allegedly numerous dogs in distress, one of which had to be euthanized. There were six dogs in the driveway alone.

“Additional dogs were found inside of separate crates which were partially filled with several inches of water and dog feces,” prosecutors said in a news release. The 44-year old, born Jaheim Hoagland, was arrested.

He is charged with third-degree animal cruelty and failure to provide necessary care to an animal.

A total of 14 dogs were taken to a local Hillsborough kennel where they will be living for the for seeable future. Two of those dogs were taken to an emergency treatment clinic because of the poor conditions in which they were living.

Reports say that 12 of the dogs were pitbull terriers, two of them were American Stratfordshire terrier’s and one was a mixed breed boxer.

Jaheim is a well-known singer that released his hit debut album 2001. His hits include “Put That Woman First,” “Anything” and more. 

He is presently on the lead single by rapper AZ.

Check out “The Wheel.”