Snoop Dogg declares Kendrick Lamar to be king of the West Coast following the success of K-Dot’s Pop Out – Ken & Friends concert.

Snoop Dogg Deems Kendrick Lamar The King

On Friday (June 21), Snoop Dogg hopped on Instagram while chilling in his hotel room in Canada to give a special shout-out to Kendrick Lamar and the unity seen at his recent Pop Out show.

“Top of the morning, big Snoop Dogg comin’ at you live from Canada,” Snoop began. “Sending a big shout out to K-Dot and all the homies from the West that stood together unified, organized in peace love. That was beautiful. That was fun to watch. Beautiful to see all of my peoples coming together, and um, K-Dot you are the King of the West. That’s the kinda sh*t kings do. We unite.”

Fans had noticed that Snoop Dogg was absent during K-Dot’s performance at the Pop Out. It was especially noticeable when Dr. Dre came out as a surprise guest. Dre and Kendrick performed the classics “Still D.R.E.” and “California Love.”

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Snoop Dogg Speaks Highly of Kendrick Lamar Following Section .80

This isn’t the first time Snoop has praised Kendrick Lamar as a leader in hip-hop. All the way back in 2011, Snoop celebrated K-Dot after popping out during one of Kendrick’s earliest performances. The show was around one month after Kendrick dropped his Section.80 debut.

“I’ma say this and I’ma mean this. Ni**a, you got the torch,” Snoop said at the time. “You better run with it, ni**a, because it’s yours.”

Kendrick Lamar’s Pop Out event was truly a momentous event. Kendrick began his set with “Euphoria” before diving into more of his hits. The evening also featured a Black Hippy reunion with Jay RockAb-Soul and ScHoolboy Q reuniting on stage. Then Dr. Dre introduced Kendrick’s chart-topping Drake diss track “Not Like Us,” which Kendrick went on to perform five times. The show ended with a large group photo of everyone who participated in the show, followed by one last performance of “Not Like Us.

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Watch Snoop Dogg give a shout-out to K-Dot below.

Watch Snoop Dogg Declare Kendrick Lamar to Be King of the West Coast

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