Sensory Psyche, the emerging Bengali-American singer-songwriter, has recently released a new EP and main single, both titled The Perfect Day, alongside beautiful visuals to accompany the main track. On The Perfect Day, Sensory Psyche takes us on a time-travelling trip to her past experiences and future projections, sharing remarkable lyrics and messages filled with wisdom, life lessons, and thoughts she has about the current state of the world as well as the behavior of human beings on earth. 

Grounded in reality and yet spreading her wings for take-off, Sensory Psyche went through multiple obstacles before standing where she is today, as an ambitious and driven artist ready to conquer the hearts of the masses. Her experiences in Bangladesh in the first fifteen years of her life paired with the culture shock she experienced upon arrival to the United States have shaped and accelerated her individual and artistic development, to such a point that first time listeners will have a hard time believing this is a debut release!