February 18, 2023

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What happens when Wu-Tang’s Sunz of Man member Hell Razah (Renaissance Child) and producer RoadsArt connect? Simple answer: Renaissance Art.

Deep within the sacred fabric of “Holy Trinity”, an audio portrait painted by Hell Razah, RoadsArt, and Eloheem Team (William Cooper & Stoneface), higher chambers of thought and mastery are revealed through divine lyricism and cosmic composition. The Ruler Of All Digital Science (RoadsArt) sets the table with a bountiful array of celestial instrumentation for Razah and E.T. to feast on, and the three powerful word-wizards arrive right on time, hungry to feed the masses prophecy, hope, and wisdom.

“Holy Trinity” is the second single from the upcoming “Renaissance Art” LP by Hell Razah and RoadsArt and is available now on all digital platforms. The entire project will be released digitally on February 24th.