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Before Teddy Riley became one of the top producers in the music business, he was a member of the R&B group Guy.

The group ushered in the “New Jack Swing” era, with a successful run of hits like “Groove Me,” “I Like,” and “Piece of My Love.” But Teddy decided he had enough of being in Guy, so he left at the height of their popularity.

In an upcoming episode of “UNCENSORED” that is scheduled to premiere tonight (March 21st), Teddy says an intense, violent beef with New Edition led to him quitting Guy, according to Bossip.

Guy and New Edition had a well-documented feud when they were out on the road touring together in the late 1980s.

In the latest edition of “UNCENSORED,” Teddy reveals he decided to quit when his friend/security manager Anthony Bee was shot to death by a member of New Edition’s entourage one night while they were out on tour.

The shooting happened in July of 1989, when the beef exploded in Pittsburgh and a member of New Edition’s security detail gunned Bee down in front of the Hyatt Hotel.

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“My friend Anthony Bee got shot three or four times by one of a New Edition guys. I don’t want to put his name out there because you know, he’s forgiven. You know he was defending himself, but it was my guy who got shot. The reason why I quit the group was because I lost my best friend and I couldn’t take the pressure,” Teddy Riley said on “UNCENSORED.”

Teddy Riley’s new episode of “UNCENSORED” debuts tonight at 10:00 PM ET.