Ye‘s former contractor is outlining some bizarre interactions he had with the rap superstar during his time building his Malibu, Calif. mansion.

Ye’s Former Contractor Outlines Insane Things Rapper Wanted Done to Mansion

On Monday (June 11), The New Yorker published an extensive exposé detailing Ye’s work on his $57 million Malibu mansion back in 2021, which is now a concrete shell. The story explains that Ye’s soon-to-be-wife Bianca Censori had hired a contractor named Tony Saxon shortly after Ye purchased the mansion from acclaimed architect Tadao Ando for $75 million.

Prior to working with Ye, Saxon was dealing strictly with Bianca Censori. The first thing she said “the owner” wanted to be done was to have all the shelves, cabinets, and closets, and bathroom marble painted over, which Saxon noted was going to look bad.

“He doesn’t want any of the wood to show,” Censori allegedly told Saxon.

After getting paint samples and returning, Saxon did some paint-testing on the areas Censori wanted. Censori then took photos of the work and sent them to Ye, who replied and said on second thought he wanted all the wood torn out. Saxon phoned a friend and did just that, saying he ripped out the cabinets and gutted the entire laundry room.

Saxon then went home to sleep when he was awoken in the middle of the night by a phone call from Censori, who said Ye wanted to meet him. Saxon said after meeting Ye the two of them hung out very often, and that Ye once treated him to a room at Malibu’s Nobu Hotel after a long day’s work.

However, Saxon said that as time went on the requests got more and more insane. He began working 16-hour days and not sleeping. He completely tore out the kitchen. There was nowhere to store food. All five of the bathrooms were blown out, and Saxon said he suffered from exhaustion as he was forced to nap at the property. Saxon once recalled waking to Ye standing over him saying, “I thought you’d be working.”

Another crazy thing was when Saxon claimed Ye opened a hatch in the floor during a day he was on the property, and that the two of them crawled down a ladder into a dark basement.

“This is going to be my bomb shelter,” Ye said. “This is going to be my Batcave.”

Saxon added that Ye eventually demanded the house be completely off the grid. He at one point barked at him, “Why is there still power here?”

Saxon said after about a week he stopped getting paid on time, and that eventually he got into a dispute with Ye over his insane requests and lack of payment.

“If you don’t do what I asked you to do, I’m not going to be your friend anymore,” Ye allegedly said. “You’re not going to work for me anymore. And you’re only going to see me on TV.”

Saxon said he told Ye he didn’t watch TV and “walked the f**k out.”

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Ye Shuts Down Construction Company as Mansion Rots Away

The exhaustive report comes as the Malibu mansion continues to sit unoccupied and rotting away. Ye reportedly shut down his Yeezy Construction company last November and has since tried to sell the space for $57 million but to no avail. Saxon also filed suit against Ye last September and is going after the mogul for unpaid wages as well as violating numerous labor codes.

XXL has reached out to Ye’s attorney for comment.

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Check out video of Ye’s gutted Malibu mansion below.

See Ye’s Gutted Malibu Mansion

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