The Memphis community held a virtual town hall meeting in response to Young Dolph’s murder.

According to WREG News, more than a hundred people attended the virtual meeting hosted by the NAACP. The town hall aimed to address the violence in the city after Young Dolph was shot and killed earlier this month.

Shelby County Commissioner Van Turner was among those who spoke at the meeting. He stressed the importance of investing tax dollars in poorer areas of Memphis.

“You’re not going to stop the violence without addressing poverty,” Turner said. “We’re not going to stop the violence without addressing mental health, which is a part of poverty and we’re not going to stop the violence without addressing food deserts.”

Tameka Greer, a member of the Memphis Artists for Change organization, also participated in the Young Dolph-inspired meeting. She discussed the importance of helping incarcerated people avoid returning to a life of crime.

“If we don’t get to the heart of that then we’re kind of just spinning our wheels in the same old norm that we’ve been doing,” she said. “Prevention is intervention.”

Police have still not identified the suspects in Young Dolph’s murder. The getaway car has been linked to another shooting as investigators believe there’s a gang-related motive.