BIGG ERUPT has just teamed up with OG_BBE to release a massive new banger: INFLATION

November 2022 – One of the most unique things about hip-hop as a genre is the fact that this style definitely favors collaborative endeavors. When artists team up, they are allowing their different styles and concepts to match, and if they let it, something amazing might happen!

This is definitely the case of BIGG ERUPT and OG_BBE. These wonderful artists have joined forces in order to bring a new song to life: INFLATION. Each artist set out to bring their A-game to this song, and the production quality is absolutely top-notch as well, giving the audience a massive sound and a great experience overall.

Find out more about BIGG ERUPT and OG_BBE, and do not miss out on INFLATION. This release is now available on some of the best digital music streaming services out there. Rap fans who like a bit of an old-school twist to their hip-hop should most definitely give this collaborative track a go, because it is definitely going to be worth their time!