Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Lékan Tella returns with a new music video for his recently released single “Savannah Red.” His multi-cultural roots surely give some hints for his success, helping him find inspiration in both cultures, and fueling his passion for discovering new sounds, writing poems and song lyrics since he was thirteen years old. 

Tella is also a strong advocate of the 80’s pop and 90’s r&b, two waves in music’s recent history that he loves to merge to create his songs, painting vivid pictures that take the listener through his own private world. 

“Savannah Red” is the ideal song to represent this approach, as it showcases a real life inspired situation, where a couple slowly disintegrates, while one of the partners is attracted to another person. Instead of being boring, the wordsmith was able to create a sensually groovy, catchy, and steamy track, perfect for his crooner voice to shine even brighter than it did on his debut single, “Emptiness.”