In just 20 minutes YC794 has masterfuly combined a collection of jamming tracks. The album titled The Pastor’s Son is a true depiction of his talents spread across 8 tracks.

His tough upbringing and challenges have him on a roll with fiery new tracks and exciting sounds. A fan of all things rap, he is constantly progressing his sound which covers everything from raw, deep vibes to powerful peak time beats.

First up on the album, “The Greatest,” develops from echoing stabs into a glorious mid-set mood changer. Snappy percussion and a deep bass keep the feelings warm and fuzzy as the stab of genius lyricism creates a stimulant character. “Bag Talk” opens with a guitar and energy packed with synths adding warmth and direction.

The tracks are all ready to explode at any second, as the tension mounts to a satisfying conclusion.

Listen to the full album below.