From SouthEast San Diego & West Las Vegas, Chief Moquiuix is on the road to fame with his unbelievable musical treasures. His vast immersion in various cultures and experiences has garnered him the right tools to drop multicultural hits.

His lyrical power is perfectly emitted through exceptional urban scenes, holding attention through many genres. His lines are memorable and his tunes are infectious, but Chief Moquiuix’s vocals are the cherry on top of it all.

His latest releases, “Irrational,” “Buenoz Diaz,” and “Radicalism,” were released with matching music videos adding more fame to his name. His raw and natural talent for creating enthusiastic joints with rousing hues will surely have you setting his songs at the top of your playlist. With a unique set of skills and undeniable musical prowess, the artist is ready and armored to drop even more exciting hits.