UK-based rapper Deemun surprises his fans with an astonishing music video for his already-successful single “Getting Started.” Hard-hitting lyrics, nice flow, and an engaging beat, accompanied with eye-catchy visuals are what this work of art is all about. 

By properly using camera angles and a detailed mise-en-scène, the artist tells a perfect urban story of a boy who put all of his experiences, thoughts and feelings into his music. 

Deemun started his musical career as young as 10 years of age, being inspired by and growing up listening to prominent and game-changing rappers like Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. Although the artist used legendary rappers as his main sources of inspiration, he did not forget to let the world see and hear his unique signature, creating masterpieces of melodic rap, playing with different styles and sounds, and keeping his fans waiting for more personal experience-based songs. 

Showing the urban lifestyle through this detail-oriented and well-produced music video, the artist gives the viewer an opportunity to get familiar with his environment, walk in his shoes, and for a moment, be transported to an urban area in the UK. 

This rising artist has a whole career ahead of him, with the clear potential of becoming a game-changer in the genre.