André 3000 explains that the only reason he has Instagram is to prevent people from stealing his name.

André 3000 Explains Why He Has Instagram

On Tuesday (June 18), The Drum published a story focused on a conversation the OutKast legend had with Meta’s Alvin Bowles. The convo occurred at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France last week, and found André speaking about his creative process. He added that he stays away from social media and that he doesn’t even have a Facebook page.

“I’ve never had a Facebook account,” 3 Stacks said. “I only have Instagram to prevent people from stealing my name, but I’ve never posted anything.”

Currently, André’s Instagram has over 939,000 followers and only has two posts up at the moment. One of the posts is to promote his latest flute album New Blue Sun, which he dropped in November of 2023. The other is to promote his New Blue Sun Tour. The tour kicked off on June 9 in Joshua Tree, Calif., and wraps on Sept. 5 in Big Sur, Calif.

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André 3000 Speaks About Returning to Public Eye

Prior to the release of his New Blue Sun album, André 3000 said in an interview with GQ he was nervous about returning to the public eye, and that he suffers from social anxiety. This likely means social media isn’t a good fit for the Atlanta artist.

“That’s the problem,” André said about creating art. “The balance, like, I do have an urge because I wanna create things. I’m happiest when I’m creating things…and I was talking to my manager and publicist, I had to really ask myself: ‘Do you wanna possibly be famous again?’ Like, ‘Do you wanna turn it up again?’ And I was like, ‘Uh, well, I’ll just put the record out and just don’t do any press for it or anything like that.’ But then it’s kinda a disservice to the music because I want people to check it out, I want people to hear it. I had to find some balance.”

André 3000 will perform next at the Toronto Jazz Festival in Toronto on June 28.

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