Chadwick Boseman died of cancer a little less than three years ago, but his monies are just now being divided.

He died of cancer in 2020.

But, the movie stars did not leave a will or a trust. Now, his family will split the money. Moreover, the government will get more money than both of them.

According to Shadow & Act, Taylor Simone Ledward Boseman, the widow of the mega star actor, will receive $1.15 million. His parents, Leroy and Caroline Boseman, will also receive $1.15 million. Meanwhile, because there was no will or living trust, the government will receive $1.5 million.

His wife was appointed the state representative, with a clause of limited authority.

The legal fees amounted to $900,000 as well.

Additionally, his widow was reimbursed for $47,000 in funeral costs, a mausoleum crypt in South Carolina and also mausoleum crypt for the parents to be laid to rest next to their son.

Boseman‘s estate was valued at under $4 million. That amount included numerous residual monies that were derived since March 2021.

It should be noted that Boseman appeared in several blockbuster movies by Marvel Entertainment, including the Black Panther movie which grossed over $1 billion. This does not consider the movies where he played icons like Thurgood Marshall, James Brown and Jackie Robinson.

Rest In Peace, Chadwick.