(AllHipHop News) Pitbull is urging fans to stay safe, positive and informed about the coronavirus by releasing an anthemic new track, "I Believe That We Will Win."

The rapper dropped the new track on Monday, stating COVID-19 is something we've all got to "live and learn from" adding the tune was inspired by a chant at a basketball game.

"Someone very close to me showed me a chant at a basketball game where everyone was chanting this and they were losing their minds and just having fun," Pitbull told Good Morning America. "I just felt all the energy.

"And what better message than I believe that we will win… We've gotta be prepared for what's going on and we've got to educate ourselves. We've got to talk about those that have recovered – some staggering figures.

"We've gotta keep people motivated, gotta keep people positive… because when you believe you can fight this, you believe that you are strong enough to do this, which we are."

And the rapper is encouraging fans not to fixate on the death toll numbers and all the negatives associated with the spread of the killer virus: "Guys, we got this… If you overthink, then what you're gonna do is scare yourself out of a solution."