Shantonio’s new work titled ‘Summer Baby’ is a deceptively cherry on the top sounding track with a booming party vibe. Shantonio dropped his single during a perfect time, when people needed extra cheering up, and some positive energy flowing from music. On ‘Summer Baby,’ Shantonio showcases a youthful atmosphere as he shares his experiences with women. 

Considering the topic of Shantonio’s song, you might consider adding it to your party playlist. The track is a pure definition of fun, as the electrifying tunes blend with Shantonio’s tender voice and smooth flow with some really strong kicks and punches. 

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About Shantonio: 

American rapper and songwriter Shantonio Graham, born in 1991, is bringing a new wave of music to the industry, Shantonio’s main inspiration and artistic goal behind his music is to encourage people to be themselves, especially for those who enjoy living their lives on the wild side. Shantonio was raised by a single mother, and has three older siblings Shantonio’s older brother inspired him to start rapping at the age of 13, but his official music journey started while he was serving nine years and three months in the United States Marine Corps. Shantonio encountered many obstacles on the difficult road towards pursuing his dream to be on stage performing in front of millions of people. Shantonio always lived by putting God first, allowing his faith to remain strong regardless of his struggles, because he knew that the mind gets whatever the heart desires. 

Shantonio kept his mind clear and strong throughout his life struggles, not allowing negative energy to altar his mind, or to bring “Disturbia” into his life. That’s why Shantonio’s music shares vibes and messages of having fun, being yourself, taking risks, and manifesting your full potential in life. He strives to offer a positive approach in his music, as well as leave a timeless impact in each and every verse he creates. He also loves connecting with his audiences, on all levels. Shantonio is an artist that excels at transforming his inspirations into music.