The Netflix series Squid Game has already consumed social media conversations and now the show has made its way into the hip-hop sphere.

Lil Baby is the latest rapper to share his interest in Squid Game and even went as far as completing the challenge associated with the popular show.

Yesterday (Oct. 13), the Atlanta native stopped by the Pat 'N Moon sneaker store in his home city where he tested his skills and focus while doing the honeycomb challenge that derives from the third episode of the highly-watched series that has garnered 111 million views thus far, making the show the streaming platform's biggest debut hit.

Fans of the show know exactly what the challenge is. However, for those who are unfamiliar and haven't caught that particular episode just yet, the premise is that those who participate in the challenge must carve out a shape from a Korean dalgona candy—or a honeycomb toffee candy—using a needle within a certain amount of time. The task was done on the show by character Seong Gi-hun, the series' mainstay, and the Quality Control Music artist carved out an umbrella using a needle.

The winners of the store's challenge gets either Chrome Hearts merchandise, a pair of Off White Nike Dunk sneakers or a PlayStation 5, based on Pat 'N Moon's Instagram caption in promotion of their adaptation of Squid Game.

It's unclear if Lil Baby was victorious and took home a prize, but his based on the tenacity and diligence he's displayed with his work ethic and when creating music, the unwavering focus he had while carving out the umbrella-shaped dalgona candy comes as no surprise.

Peep the video of Lil Baby doing the Squid Game challenge below.

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