Artist, music producer, and mix engineer Giampaolo Pasquile is releasing two incredibly beautiful singles. The first one is titled “Until The Rainbows End,” one of his personal creations, and a deeply moving romantic piano-driven ballad that will surely turn heads in the music scene and beyond. The second single he released in collaboration with Stephen Sims is a cover for Marvin Gaye’s magical track titled “What’s Going On”. 

Pasquile has already released over 150 songs, exceeding 5 million in sales, and 400 million yearly streams from his music releases. He has also been awarded with Platinum and No3 Gospel Music Awards. 

A trained pianist, arranger, and composer, who studied at CPM Music Institute in Milan, Giampaolo Pasquile has also founded the record Label Play in 2005, releasing over 15000 productions of classical, pop, indie, jazz, 

Two gorgeous releases, “Until The Rainbows End”  and “ What’s Going On” beautifully reflect and reveal Pasquile’s innate skills as an artist, and we can’t wait for him to release more of his creations with the world of music lovers.